How to fix UPC number formatting in MS Excel – CSV File

This article is intended to be used as an online “help” tutorial for clients of is the online home to the dropship t-shirts and music merchandising division of Rockline Enterprises LLC.

We have recently gotten some questions from our dropship clients using our dropship CSV data file to load our licensed music merchandise items into their online stores. Specifically, some of our clients are having trouble with the formatting of the UPC codes in Microsoft Excel (after downloading the CSV file from our site). As a default, EXCEL shows large numbers formatted as scientific notation (for example 8.83422E+11). If files are uplaoded into your system like this, many website builders will display the UPC as “8.83422E+11”. The UPC should be a 12 digit number. Here’s how to fix the formatting in MS EXCEL to display the UPC correctly in our CSV file.

  1. After downloading our dropship CSV file, select the entire UPC column by clicking on the header of the column.
  2. With the entire UPC column selected, right click the mouse and select “Format Cells”. A small popup window should display.
  3. In the small popup, select “Number” as the Category selection and set the decimal places dropdown to zero.
  4. Make sure that the use 1000s separator (,) check box is not selected.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Make sure that the UPC column width is wide enough to display the entire UPC number. If it is not, adjust the width to be able to display the full UPC code.

Your UPC codes should now be formatted in the UPC column as 12-digit numbers. Now, simply make any other adjustments needed to the dropship CSV file and upload to your website building software or database.


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